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299 most common Russian nouns

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How to start speak Russian? Learn your first 299 nouns and will able to make able to make easy russian sentances. Russian languge doesnt have any auxiliary verbs and articles to say “I am a human”, you need to know only the pronoun (please use link if you have forgoten them): “I – я”, and the noun: “human – человек”. In this sentance Я is subject and человек из predicate that means both of them must be in nomenative case (without changing). Let’s look what else you can say by using nouns in nomenative case:

Move is life – Движение жизнь.

This is an apple/ a book / a boy. – Это яблоко / книга /  мальчик.

It is the spring. – Весна.

God is love – Бог это любовь.

He is a doctor. – Он врач.

Grandmom like a child. – Бабушка как ребёнок.

Chess is also sport. – Шахматы – это тоже спорт.

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