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Gender of Russain nouns

Russian nouns have one of three grammatical classes called genders. They are divided into three groups: nouns of masculine (мужской), feminine (женский) and neuter (средний) gender, which is clearly expressed only in the singular nouns. The gender of a noun is shown by it’s ending.

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  • Masculine gender / мужской род nouns are nouns end in a consonant,  or  in the Nominative case: Максим (Maxim), дом (house), музей (museum), рубль (ruble)
  • Feminine gender / женский род nouns are nouns end in the vowel , – я, -ь in the Nominative case: Анна (Anna), комната (room), неделя (week), дочь (daughter)
  • Neuter gender / средний род nouns are nouns end in the vowel -о, -е in the Nominative case: окно (window), письмо (letter), здание (building).
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