Russian grammar

  • Russian for beginners 21 Mb
    This is the book for studying phonetic and grammar basics, everyday vocabulary, developing speaking and introducing to main aspects of Russian culture. Contains lessons, pictures, schemes, tables and exercises for phased developing speaking abilities. The book teach students phonetic and intonation of Russian language. Grammar material is displayed as typical examples of communication.
  • Teach Yourself Beginner’s Russian Grammar 11 Mb
    “Teach Yourself Beginner’s Grammar” is a reference and practice book in one. It is intended for learners with very little Russian, but will also be useful for anyone who feels they need more explanation and practice of basic Russian grammar.
  • Oxford Take Off In Russian (2 books +4 CD) 246 Mb
    This textbook is expressly designed for students embarking on a Russian language programme. Accompanied by it developes the four key language skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening – and provides all the material required to reach intermediate level either at high school or during the first year of university.
  • Practical grammar for international student  2 Mb
  • This is training material for international students who study on preparatory faculties of Russian universities. It is a book for practical self-studying, all explanations on Russian language. 
  • Russian numbers – tables, comments, exercise 13 Mb
    The book we designed for international students with different level of Russian. The goal is give knowledge for understanding and using in speaking and writing all types off russian numbers.

Reading on russian language

  • 50 russian texts 7 Mb
    This book contains texts of different genre: fiction, biography, history, non-fiction, stories and jokes. Its easy, interesting and informative book for everyone who study Russian.
  • Book for Book for reading 48 Mb
    Texts in this book are situated by principe: from easy to more complicated. The main aim is to give students material for reading to accumulate vocabulary. Match to beginners and intermedia levels.

Other interesting material

  • Dermo! The real Russian Tolsoy never used 27 Mb
    Not even Tolstoy would dare use the eyebrow-raising Russian you will find in this wickedly humorous language guide by one of Russia’s bestselling novelists today. Whether you’re traveling to Russia for first time or you are the student of the language, this indispensable book is your entre to real and new Russian that has never been taught.
  • Выражение эмоций / Expression of emotions (Book +MP3) 24 Mb
    The aim of this handbook is building speaking skills in dialog and monologue forms. Interesting and creative exercises about different topics using different speech stiles are helping to develop speaking. The handbook contain six parts: “Opinions”, “Happiness”, Sadness”, “Laughing” and “Anger”.

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